BridgeWise Solutions is a dynamic consulting firm specializing in strategic business expansion across Sub-Saharan Africa. With a central focus on thriving economies, they provide personalized services to businesses and policymakers, aiming not only for financial gains but also a positive impact on local communities. Their expertise spans across strategy formulation, policy development, and investment project execution across diverse sectors. These include construction, healthcare, energy, ICT, education, manufacturing, services, and logistics. Their clientele includes private enterprises, governmental bodies, and organizations, showcasing their proven track record in driving success across the region.

I had the privilege of working with the founder of BridgeWise Solutions to develop and design a streamlined and optimised website for both web and mobile view. In addition to this, I designed the logo for the business which was inspired by the Imigongo patterns of the founders home nation, Rwanda. Scroll down to see the logo sample's I delivered to the client or click here to view the website.

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